Workplace hygiene will be key as workers return

Moorland Contract Group, are urging businesses to prepare for the phased return to work following the Covid19 lockdown.

To help, Moorland Contract Group has put together a post-lockdown hygiene schedule to cover all areas. They have also put together packs of products to ensure that everyone stays safe in the workplace.

Jackie Walker, pictured, from Moorland Contract Group said: “It is vitally important that the relevant cleaning and sanitising processes are put into place as businesses start a phased return to work.

“We would also recommend a deep clean is carried out prior to staff returning to work. Sanitising of all touch points and work surfaces should be carried out three to four times over the period of any working day or shift.  This should ideally be carried out by our team of cleaning specialists due to the complexity of the procedure and content of the chemicals to be used.

“We would advise that you place the products at your reception or entrance to your premises, and at various key points where hygiene is essential.”

Hygiene Schedule to be carried out by employees regularly throughout the day: 

  • All entrance door touch points, inside and out
  • All desks, tables, worktops, surfaces and touch points
  • All plastic and wood surfaces on sofas, chairs, occasional tables, etc.
  • All handrails, cupboard handles
  • Keyboards, phones, appliances and controls
  • Toilet seats, sinks, taps, dispensers and hand dryers
  • Walls touched on a regular basis
  • Fridges and microwaves
  • Waste bins
  • Non-essential items i.e. displays, storage containers, pots and pans, magazines and pens to be removed
  • Washing hands regularly for at least 20 seconds and sanitizing

Disinfectant pack:

6 x 500ml bottles SurSol Spray Disinfectant

6 x 100ml bottles SurSol Hand Sanitiser

1 x Pack Centrefeed White Roll (pack of 6)

1 x Pack Microfibre cloths (pack of 10)

Price per pack £54 + VAT including delivery (T & C’s apply)

Anyone wanting to discuss any of the above or wanting any advice on hygiene and cleaning can contact Jackie Walker on 01538 307003 or  07876 796154 or email