Make sure you have ample hand sanitiser as workers return

The return to work is gathering momentum with car showrooms re-opening on 1 June, retailers two weeks later and other businesses, schools, and organisations well in to phased return schedules.

To help with your hygiene and sanitation regime we have good stocks of the SurSol Hand Sanitiser available.

SurSol™ is formulated to be strong enough to protect against viruses including Coronavirus.

It kills 99.9 per cent of all germs and is effective against all known flu viruses. It works in just 15 seconds and continues to kill germs for up to four hours. It can be used anywhere without towels.

It is water based, with natural moisturisers aloe vera and chamomile, so aids moisturisation without stickiness or residue, unlike alcohol-based solutions.

It is formulated in the UK to comply with the EN1500, EN12054 MRSA testing standards to ensure effective protection.

For prices and more information contact Jackie Walker

01538 307003 or 07876 796154