Big tick as janitorial company goes green

A Staffordshire janitorial supplies company is helping customers fulfil their sustainability agenda by supplying a range of products which have a measured lower impact on the environment and reduce plastic waste.

Newly established Moorland Contract Janitorial, part of Moorland Contract Group, is supplying chemical products from Evans Vanodine who are market leaders in cleaning and hygiene solutions.

Evans Vanodine, is a family run UK based business, who celebrated 100 years in business in 2019 and is now employing the 5th generation of the Evans family. Took a unique approach to looking at the Environmental Impact of their products and have devised their own unique system for assessing this, considering 7 different areas of impact for products including the formulation, manufacture, usage and disposal of the product. They call the scheme the ‘Wright Environmental Impact Rating’ (W.E.I.R.) after the scientist that devised the methodology.

Moorland Contract Group director, Suzanne Davy said: “Every Evans Vanodine product is analysed using the W.E.I.R. system and awarded a score for each of the seven criteria. The lower the overall score, the lower the impact on the environment. Products achieving a low impact rating are identified by a green tick logo on the product label.”

The range of e:dose concentrated cleaning products are available in five-litre containers which are able to make 500 spray flasks of solution. Over a conventional RTU trigger spray a single 5 litre bottle of concentrate could eliminate over 38kg of plastic waste from the supply chain.

Jackie Walker, business development manager at Moorland Contract janitorial added: “We are totally committed to Evans Vanodine products due to both the quality of the products and to their sustainability visions, which most recently includes the adoption of The Planet Mark. The scheme where Evans are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint year on year. Using concentrate products, especially from the green Tick range aids Evans in achieving this goal as it means less delivery vehicles are required when supplying their products to us.”

“Our customers are responding very positively as we are able to provide a sustainability solution in addition to a cleaning solution.

“Although we have not been around as long as Evans Vanodine, we share the same values in being a family run company that puts the customer first by providing the best service whilst minimising environmental impact

“We can now offer existing and new customers a complete cleaning service where we have 100 per cent confidence in the quality of service and quality and integrity of the cleaning materials we use.”

Photo: Jackie Walker with Evans-Vanodine ‘Green Tick’ janitorial products