Cleaning company continue to keep virus infection at bay

Cheadle based cleaning and janitorial supplies company Moorland Contract Group has been working hard through to keep premises safe and sanitised. What is more there has not been a single reported Covid19 case at any of their customers premises at anytime since the pandemic hit the UK.

Moorland Contract Group director Suzanne Davy said: “We are really proud of our team, many of whom worked all through the lockdown to keep essential business premises safe and sanitised.  Our customers are from a wide range of sectors including schools, warehouses, offices, car showrooms and leisure venues.

“Our business philosophy has always been to support our clients, and this became increasingly important as the effects of the pandemic hit earlier this year. From the start we worked up a risk averse strategy for both our customers and our staff.

“It has been a challenging time, as initially guidance and protocols seemed to be changing daily. However, we immediately put together risk assessment plans for premises and made sure we were responsive and proactive with all our customers.

“Through our janitorial division, Moorland Contract Janitorial, we were able to source a range of innovative and effective products and at no point did we hit any supply chain issues.

“We have focussed on a range of water-based sanitisation products from our supplier SurSol including hand sanitiser, face mask sanitiser, garment sanitiser, fabric and upholstery sanitiser and disinfectant cleaner.

“These products are proven to have many benefits over alcohol-based products including being much kinder to skin and non-allergenic. Being alcohol free, they are also ideal for many BAME clients and employees.”

Moorland Contract Group are expecting a very busy period as schools return to normal and with the threat of a further outbreak and localised lockdown never being far away.

Suzanne added: “2020 has thrown up a series of immense challenges. We have had to react to each one swiftly to be able to adapt to our customers needs in line with government guidelines.

“We have proven that we have a robust business and fantastic team willing to go above and beyond to keep our customers open for business and on track for recovery.”

Photo: MCG management team. Photo by Cathy Bower